Saturday, December 30, 2006

Tag, I'm it!!!

HEEEELLLLPPP! I got tagged by Sunne and now I have to write 6 weird things about myself, so here it goes...
My family helped me decide what to put!!!

1) I'm living in Virginia (and that is weird in itself, but the story goes on) I am from the Southwest and miss it terribly, so I am turning my house into a Southwestern shrine. My latest endeavor is fixing up the entry way in my house. I decoupaged it with New Mexico magazine pages over the entire walls. I'm not sure if I like it, but I love all the pictures and they almost all mean something to me.

2) My girls helped me with this one also. My favorite color is orange and maybe I go a bit overboard with it at times-- my clothes, the walls in my house, etc.

3) Kale... I was in a vegetable co-op this summer and they gave me an abundance of kale weekly. Thus, I took kale everywhere I went. I took it when I went and visited people and stayed at their house. THe last place I took it was to a Christmas party, where I was supposed to bring appetizers. This is the year of KALE!

4)My family suggested this also-- we are very piggy when it comes to cherries. We went and stayed with a family this summer. We ate one box of cherries in one day. Our hostess went out and bought another box-- we ate that in one day too. She went out and bought another box, we finally slowed down!!!

5) I am already knitting for Valentines Day- but that's only because I got a cool knitting book for Xmas and can't resist one of the projects!!!

6)The weirdest--- i have no one to tag. No one here knows what a blog is and if they do, they think I am super cool for having one. So here's to you Sunne (6 times!!) Maybe I need to find some more friends or train them in some technology (scary thought, me training them!!!)

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sunneshine said...

I am so glad that you blogged your answers and Bill and I had fun reading them!! I am going to keep tagging you so you have to post on your blog more often!!