Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Coffee Swap 4 Questionnaire

1. Whole bean
2. Decaf (crazy, but true)
3. Regular
4. I like lattes and breves- give me the fat!!!
5. Don't really have a favorite coffee ever!
6. But, any old bean will not do!!!
7. I like scones with my coffee! (cinnamon scones are really good!)
8. Hmmmm, nothing else about my coffee preferences!
9. I like most natural yarn fibers--- it all depends on the project!
10. I dislike acrylics...
11. What's on my needles??? The Clapotis shawl out of purply/pinky lace weight yarn- about 2/3 done AND a fair islish hat.
12. Favorite colors: orange, green and purple
13. Allergies??? Yes, nuts and peanuts.
14. Nothing else-- let's have fun!!!


Petronella said...

Hello Jules - I've read your answers to the Knitter1s Coffe swap 4 questions. I'm your coffe swap partner this round, and I'm really looking forward to swapping both yarn and coffe with you.

mrspao said...

Hello Jules

I'm also your swap partner????